51 Reasons To Love This Life…

Once upon a time, I had a friend who committed suicide. Her eyes were such that they ever-sparkled with celebration and zest for life. Sadly, she allowed addiction and depression to invite the darkness in, and those horrors distracted her from the abundance of blessings which surrounded her. Such beauty could have enriched and sustained her for a hundred years or more – if only she had allowed it to.

When we are met with the finality of death, all of the grudges, ego-driven arguments,  financial failures and superficial agendas become void of meaning.

So, while pining for her one day, I was inspired to create the following list.

I ask that while you still have breath, you be the romantic hero of your story. Find something to love today – to marvel at, to laugh at and to delight in. There are a bounty of reasons to celebrate all of the wonder life steadfastly offers, yet we often exist like zombies – hoping for the heavens to part, smack us awake and captivate us with an explosion of stars. What if the magic is in the seemingly small, quiet moments we take for granted?

Below is a list containing tokens of life which are undeniably easy to love. I hope you read them and are amused by them, celebrated by them, inspired by them or, most importantly, healed by them. So feel the love. Splash around in it.

And, remember: Love is not exclusively for lovers. It’s for everyone, all of the time.

Here Are 51 Reasons Why Life Is a Celebration of Love.

1 The smell of freshly-cut grass.
2 Your fluffiest blanket, fresh from the dryer.
3 Your first stretch, crack and pop upon waking in the morning.
4 The sound of the ocean waves crashing against the rocks.

5 The sweaty, triumphant state of crossing the finish line of your toughest race.
6 When you’re sneaking a peek at someone who is also sneaking a peek at you.
7 Being awoken by a life-altering epiphany.
8 Being greeted by your dog as though you’re more important than the Pope.
9 A bubble bath with a seemingly infinite supply of hot water…
10 The smell of freshly brewed coffee.

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11 Discovering sand in your shoes two weeks after returning home from a beach vacation.
12 An ice-cold bottle of water on a scorching hot day.
13 The taste of ripe watermelon greeting a thirsty tongue in the heart of summer.
14 Your first “yes” after a hundred times of hearing “no”…

15 When your entire bathroom is filled with the fragrance of your favorite shampoo.
16 Laughing until your cheeks ache.
17 The smell of clean laundry.
18 A sunset so captivating, marveling at it takes precedence over capturing it.
19 A sunflower larger than your head.

20 A sincere compliment.
21 The gaze of childlike wonder.
22 A high-five from someone you have long admired.
23 Watching the sun rise.

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24 A random, unexpected influx of inspiration.
25 Conversations so enthralling, you forget to check your phone.
26 Your favorite pillow.
27 The beauty of the sun glistening through the trees…

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28 The smell of rain.
29 A heartfelt apology.
30 A hug with just the right amount of squeeze.
31  A picturesque view at the top of a grueling hike.

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32 Stumbling upon forgotten photographs which depict one of your happiest memories.
33 When your team wins.
34 Pulling into your driveway after having been away from home for far too long.
35 Fingers stroking your hair.

36 The first spark of hope after a season of doubt.
37 The perfect balance of salty and sweet.
38 The sound of the ice cream truck in your neighborhood.
39 An unexpected love note.

40 When your mom permits you to lick the cake batter from the bowl.
41 When the beat drops.
42 Crawling into a bed with crisp, clean sheets.
43 The sweet release of a full-body sneeze.
44 When someone falls and no one is hurt, but everyone laughs.
45 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation

46 The vibrato of a cello.
47 The whine of a steel guitar.
48 A passionate “congratulations!” just when you fear no one cared.
49 A beat so infectious, your body can’t help but move to it.
50 The first drop of rain marking the end of a drought.
51 The freedom of letting go after long imagining you never could…

I hope this inspired you to swim around in some love today. Go hug somebody (or yourself!) or something.


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