Your Perfect Halloween Flick, Based on Your Astrological Sign

Halloween is so close, it’s scary. It’s time to begin scheming for how to outshine the ghost of last year’s costume. This also means it’s an opportunity to sink a thousand leagues into your most beloved offerings of fright.

If you’re a horror movie buff, you’ve likely memorized the most hair-raising scenes from old classics like Halloween, The Exorcist and A Nightmare on Elm Street. While those are on must-watch status for many pop culture junkies every time fall blows through, I’ve gathered some hidden jewels and cult favorites that should never be covered in cobwebs.

Ahead are recommendations playfully catered to your astrological sun or rising sign. Curl up with some bat cookies, a mug of warm cider and prepare to spook yourself.

Aries Sun or Rising

We admire our fiery and and tenacious rams. The kicking infant of the zodiac, you race to be first in line. You appreciate elements of surprise, so a boring, predictable storyline isn’t one that was written for you. The following recommendation will have your heart racing past midnight.

Your Spooky Spirit Flick: Scream

SCREAM, © 1996 / Courtesy Everett Collection

Welcome to the epitome of high school culture in the 90s. This film is equal parts sexy and slasher, and while some movie-watchers may have to turn their eyes away from many of its scenes (me!), almost none can resist attempting to crack the mystery of the killer who exists behind the mask and hood.

Taurus Sun or Rising

You’re ambitious, dependable and pragmatic. Although sometimes stubborn to a fault, Taurus, we appreciate your chill vibe. Just being in your company is a pleasure, for you always keep our feet grounded safely on the earth.

Your Spooky Spirit Flick: Beetlejuice

© Warner Bros. 1988

Starring Alec Baldwin and Gena Davis, this 80s classic is set mostly inside of a dead couples’ home — which their spirits are haunting. It’s cute and hilarious, offers a gleeful play on the afterlife, yet delivers a cinematic experience as laid back as you are. You need not worry about excessive blood or gore, or scenes that provoke your heart to leap from your chest. Rather, it never asks that your feet depart the earth.

Gemini Sun or Rising

Twins, you win when it comes to wit. You have an instinctive ability to serve up the world’s most animated facial expressions, hooks and punchlines. You’re a comedic assassin. Good thing the suggestion below is one of the quirkiest, funniest Halloween flicks of all time.

Your Spooky Spirit Flick: Hocus Pocus

HOCUS POCUS, 1993, © Buena Vista/Courtesy Everett Collection

This comedic horror fantasy film starring icons Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sara Jessica Parker will satiate your witchy appetite for entertainment and laughter. Memes made from its most iconic scenes are tossed around Instagram and Pinterest as fall approaches every year. Grab the candied corn and prepare for villainous tricks and spells.

Cancer Sun or Rising

The mothering nurturers of the zodiac, you’re emotional, generous and sympathetic. You shower your loved ones with gifts, hugs and quality time, as it’s important to you that all feel cared for and special.

Your Spooky Spirit Flick: The Exorcism of Emily Rose

This film will stir you, as your Cancer nature will want to mother the lead character and whisk her to safety. Some of its elements are disturbing and not for the faint of heart, mostly because they are said to be based on actual events.

While not necessarily aligned with Halloween, it is entirely about a supernatural phenomenon of demonic possession endured by a college student, which makes it most fitting to watch in the midst of the creepiest season of all.

Leo Sun or Rising

The brazen, confident and shimmering star of the show, you desire experiences that match your level of grandiosity. You light up the brightest, most intricately-carved jack-o’-laterns and zip yourself into the most elaborate costumes. Larger-than-life, you were born with a spotlight shining over you; you should expect nothing less from your entertainment.

Your Spooky Spirit Flick: Sleepy Hollow

©Paramount Pictures, 1999

You already know you deserve a grand production, complete with over-the-top cinematography and drenched in drama. This gothic horror film won an Academy Award for Best Art Direction, and the characters are dressed in wickedly gorgeous period costumes. It’s eccentric, it’s sexy, and its story development is as riveting as you are.

Virgo Sun or Rising

Oh, attentive Virgo. You worry so much about doing your best. Let’s select for you a film that will lure you away from those fits of perfectionism and analysis of the world around you, and into a guilty pleasure. Curl up with a blanket, some hot cocoa and your safest person, while keeping in mind that you don’t have to buff and polish every frame of your life.

Your Spooky Spirit Flick: Scary Movie

This movie is a parody of the popular horror films from the 90s, including I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream. A little gimmicky humor and unrefined acting will ask that you let yourself off of the hook from all of that excellence and nitpicking. Sometimes nonsense does an earthbound creature good.

Libra Sun or Rising

Charming Libra, your need for harmony is endearing. Although a bit indecisive, you ache for everything to be balanced, even and fair. Most significantly, you thrive on companionship and are a sucker for a sweeping love story.

Your Spooky Spirit Flick: Honeymoon

This 2014 film opens up with a sappy wedding video of the main characters, reflecting on their relationship and professing their love for each other. Offerings of romance are plentiful from the start, but don’t think that’s all they’ll be rolling out. The setting swiftly moves to a semi-isolated cabin where the newlyweds plan to spend their honeymoon. The wife’s behavior takes a disturbing shift, and the remainder of the film is loaded with twists, turns and surprises that will call any Libra to the edge of their sofa.

Scorpio Sun or Rising

Intense, mysterious and strong-willed, you desire a Halloween film that matches your endless reserve of passion. Never a fan of fluff or of the inconsequential, you wish to have your sense of mystery tugged upon — to be lured into a dark alley of intrigue. There is a flare for the underworld that resides in the deepest parts of you, and you seek for it to transcend you.

Your Spooky Spirit Flick: The Craft

THE CRAFT © 1996, Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

This cult classic is perfect for putting on repeat throughout the entire month of October, Scorpio. It was made for you. A 90s zeitgeist, it is equal parts a celebration of sisterhood and spells — known for being one of the most entrancing teen movies to ever reach the masses. Above all, it comes with a valuable life lesson at the end — something every witchy Scorpio will appreciate.

Sagittarius Sun or Rising

Fun-loving, optimistic and spontaneous, Sag, you prefer to keep it light. You aren’t afraid to speak your truth when necessary, but you’re never one to seek confrontation or disrupt a harmonious dynamic. I’ve chosen for you an opportunity to exercise what others love about you most: the simplicity of your playfulness.

Your Spooky Spirit Flick: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Grab your best friends, toss some cookies into the oven and spread a palette of pillows and blankets across the floor. This classic cartoon is an invitation to reminisce about your childhood.

Capricorn Sun or Rising

You’re one hard-working and resourceful goat, and all signs can benefit from observing your steadfastness to getting done what needs to get done — no matter the sacrifice. On the flip side, you can also be a bit pessimistic, so let’s choose for you a film with a fun cast and a happy ending.

Your Spooky Spirit Flick: Ghostbusters

GHOSTBUSTERS, 1984, © Columbia/Courtesy Everett Collection

If the theme song isn’t playing in your head by now, you’ve got some work to do. This 80s classic is about a gang of ghost-fighting professors in New York City. It will have you falling in love with Bill Murray all over again.

Aquarius Sun or Rising

A true individualist and at times a bit unpredictable, you have a tendency to let your thoughts roam way off into left field. But this is what makes you so genius. A forward-thinking problem solver, you require that your mind be stimulated daily, so a psychological horror is most fitting.

Your Spooky Halloween Flick: The Ring

When this film landed in theaters in 2002, it was praised by movie-goers and critics, eventually grossing almost $250 million worldwide. It continues to inspire Halloween costumes every year. It’s unconventional, it’s haunting, it’s suspenseful and it is sure to arouse your knack for investigative quests.

Pisces Sun or Rising

Oh, head-in-the-clouds Pisces. Often known for swimming in circles inside of your emotions, this fall you’ll gravitate to creative bodies of water that won’t interfere with your sense of shunning reality. Let’s choose something as dreamy, fantasy-minded and mercurial as you are.

Your Spooky Spirit Flick: Corpse Bride

Although some may find the story progression a little slow at times, this film is perfect for a fish who enjoys being lost in their own thoughts anyway. A dark comedy with enchanting imagery, it’s also a shadowy love story you will appreciate most of all.

Lacey Johnson

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