How to Rekindle a Sense of Bravery After It’s Lost

Should I? Shouldn’t I? Can I? Why can’t I? Listen to me. You should. You can. It’s your right to catch that dream, whatever it is. You may have lived within the realm of super fast-paced results of daily existence, only to slow-talk yourself out of the reason for your whole purpose. Don’t do that.

Several years ago, when I came to a cliff of my life’s journey, standing toe-to-the-edge, I asked myself the exact same questions you may be asking yourself now. I wondered if my happiness was truly attainable, and I needed to have the clear-cut sign of a yes or a no. Every fortune cookie became the oracle, and each word uttered from the mouths of babes held the answer. Yet, I realized that those agents could not produce what only I could birth. Those things could only encourage me to jump, but I had to have the bravery to plunge into the unknown. I had to summon that courage that was inserted within me before I ever wailed my first cry upon my mother delivering me. It was within me — the bravery of a million moths to the flame. I just had to tap into it and discern that anything remotely close to my dream could be so much better than the false reality that I had faultily constructed for myself.

So, once I held onto my dream and the vision of who I knew that I really was on the inside, I had just the right amount of courage and bravery to catapult me off of the edge and soaring over the cliff. And guess what? I learned that bravery doesn’t come with a parachute that will open and deposit you wherever you drop, but it is fully equipped with parasail wings! It glides you right into the spot meant for your graceful landing. Bravery allows you the ability to hit the ground running. Please trust me on this.

After my transition of leaving my former life, I hit the ground, and I have honestly been able to run right to the place I hoped to be.  Bravery made that possible. And I have bravely faced naysayers, critics, and obstacles of every variety since — from homelessness to fighting for a decent living wage — all while fulfilling the destiny of my life’s personal legend (to quote my favorite book, The Alchemist, by the incomparable Paulo Cuelho). However, it has honestly been during these times of using my bravery that I have felt myself gliding closer and closer to my desired state of actualization for this act of the Keelah play.

The pen was in my hand, and I rewrote my path to bravely reroute my life to this moment — a moment I now share with you, and one that says the incomprehensible is possible. Please just believe in yourself, and use your wings of bravery. They work.

Keelah Jackson

Columnist: Brave Living

Keelah Jackson, also known as "The Mastercreative," is an esteemed writer, educator, singer/songwriter, mixed-media artist, model, actress, voice-over talent, and motivational speaker based in Chattanooga, Tenn. As a seasoned vocalist, she has been entertaining for more than thirty years, since she was a small child. Throughout her lengthy entertainment career, Jackson has held numerous lead roles in various stage, film, and audio productions. In addition to performing, she is a full-time educational consultant with a M.S. in Education from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Senior Writer for The Connect magazine, and creator of her own inspirational blogs, The Runaway Diaries and Teenage Love. Check out her work at and

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