Being a Bombshell Is a State of Mind. Here’s How to Do It.

Marilyn, Sophia, Jane and Priscilla. I bet those names ring a bell. That’s because they belong to some of the most iconic women of our time. Confident, smart, sophisticated and sexy, these women left their marks on our world and continue to be talked about. They paved the way for the bombshells of our modern day — Britney, Christina, Eva, Gabrielle, Kim, Lana, Rihanna, and – you guessed it – Beyoncé.

So what is a bombshell exactly? She is more than you may give her credit for being. It’s not about possessing a particular set of genes or privileges. A bombshell is a woman who is exciting, interesting, independently fierce and commanding. Sometimes her fierceness makes her controversial. So with social media allowing for new ladies to pop up and introduce themselves in your feeds — women who own businesses and seem to lead such glamourous lifestyles — what does this mean for you?

Know this: Maybe you can’t jet set to Tahiti on a whim, but you can do a few things to bring out your female fierceness in everyday life. Being a bombshell is one of many means to exercise the amazing girl power phenomenon happening in our world right now. So let’s do this.

Clean Up Your Habits & Lifestyle

The first way to start living a more bombshell-like lifestyle is to change your current one. Sounds simple, right? Yes, but not always easy to execute. What do you wish you made more time for? How are your eating habits? Your sleeping habits? What would make you a more confident person in general?

For me, it is getting more sleep and finding more organization within my life. It is easy to forget that everything in our lives creates a domino effect for something else. For example, if you don’t get enough sleep, you will find yourself rushing in the mornings for work, eating little to no breakfast, and feeling grouchy. Then you’ll be greeted by that overly energized co-worker who never waits for your coffee to settle in.

Maybe you need to exercise more. Working out produces endorphins and, as Elle Woods once said, “Endorphins make people happy.” It doesn’t matter if no one else sees your progression. Your body is yours alone to care for and protect.  So remember that. Move, feed yourself well and fuel your body to go out there and tackle your bombshell lifestyle. 

Clean Up Your Friend Circle

I hate to say it, but you know who you are. You know when it’s time to form a different set of friends. If you don’t have girlfriends that are consistently pushing you to do better and be better, honey, please let them go. Drama with females is so 2015, alright? This year is designated for female empowerment. Look, I know it’s hard. It’s like waxing — it hurts like hell for a minute, but life is so much better and smoother if you can just cut ties with those people who aren’t supporting you to become a better you.

Your inner circle is vital to your “glowing up” and success process. Being a bombshell is a full-time commitment, and a girl needs her village to support her.

Spend More Time Focusing on Yourself

It’s OK to go M.I.A. every now and then, OK? Sometimes life can get so hectic and move so fast that we can’t even see or process where we are going. At times, I have repeatedly made mistakes because I was in the wrong head space. Can you relate?

Take some time to write down your personal goals for the next month, three months, and six months. Begin to execute them. Break your routine and try something different —something that challenges you. Set aside personal time to cultivate your craft. Read, study and be open to learn.

I am a visual person, so I love watching documentaries of past and present people who influence and inspire me. There is nothing sexier than a woman who can make her own money, and who is dedicated to her education and hustle. So, ask yourself this: Am I owning my hustle?

Make Time for Personal Glam (However That Looks for You)

Ladies, it’s 2018. How about we step our game up on presentation – for ourselves? Now, I go a little extra with this, but that’s just me. But, even if you don’t, how about taking a bit more time out of your day in the morning to do whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful, sexy and powerful?

Create for yourself a great hair day, makeup day, or style day. It makes a difference in your stride and, then, transcends into your career and personal life. Figure out what areas you most need to improve in terms of your presentation. If you have been working hard on yourself on the inside, then why not show that off? 

Know That We Women Are in This Together

My goal for all of us women in 2018 is to become the happiest, most successful bombshells we can be. People may form misconceptions about us. They may say we are high-maintenance, bitchy or arrogant. Don’t be bothered by what anyone says. Because I say there is nothing wrong with working on yourself and owning who you are. Maybe, in the past, you have spent too much time helping others, letting people take advantage of you, or abusing you. That time is over, bombshell. This is your year.

Now, excuse me while I adjust my crown.



Duchess is an actress, television host and writer who earned her bachelor's degree in mass communications and sociology from Tennessee State University. She has written, produced and starred in her own short films, and is passionate about fashion, pop culture and any creative endeavor that exercises her artistic and entrepreneurial muscles.

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  1. JADE that was great! Lol You go! I wish I had the drive you have! My two 100,000 word novels would’ve been published by now. I would have 2 successful blogs. Ive only written something once, but I did get 2 followers! ?I’ve starting gearing up for another blog I think would be great, but I don’t seem to have the get up and go like I used too. Lol You want to be your Auntie’s life coach? Proud of you! ❤️

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