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Welcome to the most inclusive and uncensored destination for wonder. We celebrate women with curious hearts, free spirits and big, beautiful brains. 

Conceptualized and founded by editor and journalist Lacey Johnson, our goal is to deliver bold and passionate insights, empowering news bits, off-the-beaten path perspectives and intriguing feature stories on career, culture, entertainment, entrepreneurship, healthy living, personal growth, relationships and style, while in pursuit of the positive in every scroll of the page. 

While not denying that darkness exists in the world, we believe that beauty, enchantment and personal fulfillment are discovered when you wander slowly through life’s most meaningful questions. This means we are proactive and solution-oriented, never rant-oriented. We don’t care that you agree with us all of the time; we care only that you’re exposed to a variety of gutsy and uplifting perspectives, inviting you to bravely think for yourself. 

So feel free to crawl inside and make yourself at home. It’s always safe, and colorful, and interesting here.